About Rob


Robert Carbuccia – NLP Trainer’s Trainer certified through the Tad James Company.

Robert has over 20 years of coaching and training experience across the general population of adults.

Actively coaching business owners & professional athletes who are seeking transformation and achieving breakthroughs of their glass ceilings. In addition to teaching the unique course created by Rob, The Language of Influence that gives you the opportunity to be successful in any field that you are in. In addition, Rob is certifying people as NLP Practitioners.

His experience as a Team Leader | CEO for a Keller Williams market center and Mega Agent for over 7 years with KW gave him the opportunity to integrate a unique approach to teach & coach NLP language patterns along with the experience on how to list over 100 homes per year and quickly build a successful 7 figure business.

Certifications & Licenses:

  • Certified NLP Trainer’s Trainer
  • Master NLP Coach
  • Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy®️
  • Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker Owner – NYC – Champion Real Estate
  • Licensed Realtor – Florida.